Best Real Estate Words and Synonyms That Sell

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Why real estate marketing words matter

When you’re listing a property for sale, the main goal is to reach as many potential buyers as possible and gain their interest so you can make a sale quickly and smoothly. Like selecting the perfect photos for your listing that let the property shine, the words you choose to use in your real estate listing description really matter. Words have deep meaning, and choosing the wrong words sends signals to a potential buyer about the property – and sending the wrong signals will either deter buyers or attract the wrong buyers.

Since we’re not all professional copywriters, it can be hard to select the perfect words that describe the property you’re trying to sell, while at the same time doesn’t alienate or scare away potential buyers by giving them the wrong impression.

Based on some of the best real estate listing description examples we compiled from across the internet, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best real estate words and real estate synonyms to use in your property descriptions. These are truly real estate words that sell!

So if you want to engage more potential buyers and expand your real estate keywords, check out below some of our top real estate marketing words you can add to your next listing description. For good measure, we’ve also compiled a list of what we see as some of the worst real estate words that we recommended you stay away from.

Best Words to Add Value to Your Listing

1. Luxurious

Luxurious is one of the best words that can immediately convert even an average house to high-end property. Using this word in your real estate listing descriptions means that everything present in your house, such as; floor, furniture, and the ceiling is top-notch.

2. New

Most buyers love to read the word “new” or “upgraded” because it conveys that they may not need to spend money fixing or renovating the property as the present ones are already equipped with modern features that function well. Mention the things that are new in the property, for example; if you’ve upgraded the appliances or floor tiles, highlight this by using these real estate words to attract more buyers.

Other real estate synonyms you could use here include:

  • Remodel
  • Updated
  • Just completed

3. Spacious

When you use the word “spacious” in your real estate listing descriptions, buyers automatically picture that the property has more room and they don’t have to live in a tight space.

Other real estate synonyms you could use here include:

  • Roomy
  • Sizable
  • Generous

4. Captivating

Captivating can give a whole new meaning to your real estate listing! Real estate words like these not only look professional but also provide a richer and more enticing description for buyers.

Other real estate synonyms you could use here include:

  • Charm
  • Delight
  • Dazzle

5. Move-In-Ready

A common concern that is top of mind for most buyers looking to purchase is “will I need to renovate?”. Put your buyer’s minds at ease by identifying the property as ‘move-in-ready’, meaning the property meets local code requirements and is ready for immediate occupancy!

Other real estate synonyms you could use here include:

  • Turnkey

6. Landscaped

Who doesn’t love great scenery that can freshen their mood and lift their spirits in the morning? If your property has a great landscape (in the front or back) then make sure to use this real estate word that sells.

Other real estate synonyms you could use here include:

  • Backyard paradise
  • Secret garden

7. Beautiful

Using positive and inspiring words like ‘beautiful’ or ‘immaculate’ are descriptive adjectives that can help bolster specific features of the property in your buyer's mind.

Other real estate synonyms you could use here include:

  • Inspiring
  • Clean
  • Impeccable

8. Character

Character describes qualities that are distinctive to the property you’re selling. Having ‘character’ signals to the buyer that this property is unique, has personality, or has a unique architectural style.

9. Custom

Buyers love purchasing something that’s unique and one-of-a-kind. Showcasing that your property has custom elements that cannot be found anywhere else is a great way to attract potential buyers.

Other real estate synonyms you could use here include:

  • Customized
  • Custom-built
  • Custom-made
  • Specially-made

10. Pet-Friendly

Pet owners will do anything for their furry companions, and that includes finding a house and neighborhood that is friendly and inviting for them. If the neighborhood you’re selling a property in is accommodating for pets make sure to call it out in the description!

The Worst Real Estate Keywords

1. Real Estate Jargon and Short Forms

You should avoid using real estate jargon or short forms – these often clutter descriptions and make them harder to read. You only have a short moment in time to capture the buyers interest, and if they need to Google what something in your property description means, you’ve probably lost them. This can include words like ‘Appls’ or ‘CAC’ or ‘Pwdr Rm’. Less is often more, as in it’s better to create a well-crafted and easy-to-read description, versus trying to cram as many things as possible into a cluttered description.

2. Urgent Sale

We recommend not using words like “urgent” or “quickly” as these words will signal to buyers that you’re looking for a quick sale, and may hurt your ability to achieve your expected sale price.

3. Don’t Pass This Opportunity

Buyers tend to be less inclined by real estate phrases like “once in a lifetime buying opportunity”, “don’t miss out on this property”, or “this listing won’t last long”. Nowadays, everyone is super busy, and if the buyer isn’t quite ready to purchase at the moment (but may be ready soon) they could be turned off by this forced sense of urgency.

4. Old

Houses are often old structures with a lot of character – but when you’re making a large investment you don’t want to be reminded that what you’re putting money into is, well, old! To grab a buyer’s attention you should instead use words like ‘vintage’ or ‘original’ to describe those unique finishes or features.

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