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Listing Websites
Easy, fast and looks impressive.

Create engaging & user-friendly websites for your listings. Use as part of your marketing strategy to get more leads.
Tell us about the property and let the AI do the rest.
No coding or advanced skills required.
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Create a website for all of your listings. Stand out from the competition.

Showcase your listings with a professional website that is easy to create and share. No coding required.


Fill in the basics

Provide the basic details of your listing.

Showing the user entering basic property details

Upload your images

Upload images of your property, the more the better.

Example photo showing the user uploading images of the property

AI generates the website

Our AI engine will generate a website for your listing using the details and images you provide.

Showing the AI generating a website for the listing

Custom branded

Optionally customize your website with your branding and contact information.

Showing the user customizing the website with their branding

Performant and SEO optimized

Your website is optimized for performance and SEO to generate the maximum amount of exposure.

Example pagespeed insights report for a listing website

Book more showings

Buyers can book showings directly from your website, making it easy for them to schedule a viewing.

Showing a buyer booking a showing on the website

How it works

Making a listing website

1. Enter property details

Add the listings basic information such as address, price, and beds/baths etc.

Showing the user entering basic property details

2. Upload the images

Upload the images of the property. The AI will review the images for important features.

Image showing the user uploading images of the property

3. AI generates the Website

The AI will generate a website for the listing. The details will be based on the images and property details you provided.

Image showing the AI generating a website for the listing

4. Make edits & apply final touches

Edit the website to your liking. You can also upload your logo and contact details to the website to make it your own.

Image showing the user editing the website

5. Share the website

Share the website with your clients and on social media. Any leads generated will be sent to your email.

Image showing the user sharing the website on facebook

Why create a listing website?

Impress your sellers

Stand out from the competition by providing a professional and modern website for their property.

Capture Leads

Collect leads directly from your website and increase your chances of quickly selling the property.

Use with your social media

Your website can be used as a landing page for your social media posts, increasing your reach and engagement.

Boost SEO

Increase your online presence and help potential buyers find your listings by having a dedicated website for each property.