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Andrew and Elvis

Our story

We are passionate about making the lives of real estate agents and brokers easier, and more efficient. We want to help you spend less time on boring and repetitive tasks, and more time doing high value tasks you enjoy like meeting clients and closing deals.

Listing AI was Founded in 2021, in 2023 we joined the MappedBy group of companies and moved our headquarters from Calgary Alberta to Toronto Ontario. We are on the same mission as we've always been, but now we have more resources to make it happen.

We service over 15,000 customers located all over the world, ranging from individuals agents to large brokerages. While the majority of our customer based is in the USA, we service a global user based ranging from Canada, Australia, UK and many other countries.

About MappedBy Inc

Andrew McGrath & Jess Kidd are the founders of the MappedBy family of products. MappedBy is based in Toronto Canada and aims to make useful things for every day people and businesses.

Our other products include:

    The easiest way to create a modern seating chart for any event.
    Real estate marketing materials for agents and brokers.
    Detailed information about any address to help buyers and sellers of real estate make informed decisions.
    The best listing description generator for real estate agents and brokers.

Our key values

  • We succeed together
  • Your brand must shine
  • Our support stands out
  • We are always improving
  • We are always listening
  • Honesty is the only policy