5 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Description Generator

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What is PropTech?

I am sure by now you have heard the newest buzzword floating out of the real estate industry: PropTech. In full form, this stands for ‘property technology’, which includes any form of technological innovations to the real estate market. This space has been exploding over the last few years, with investments in the PropTech space reaching over $30 Billion in 2020!

PropTech is looking to adapt the way the real estate industry operates, with the goal of making it more efficient and to drastically improve the client experience. Even the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has been very vocal about investing in PropTech companies, as they have begun working with over 100 technology companies that are looking to transform the real estate industry across the entire ecosystem.

As a realtor in 2023, using technology makes you more efficient and can help to drastically improve your client experience. Whether it’s going fully mobile without the need for a physical office location, leveraging drones to create creative property photos, or using artificial intelligence to generate real estate listing descriptions – technology is becoming a quintessential realtor tool and is quickly changing the way real estate professionals work day-to-day.

Reasons to use a real estate listing description generator

One of the newest and fast-growing technologies in the PropTech space helps real estate agents write real estate listing descriptions. These tools help to automate listing description creation, which is a very manual and tedious task for many agents. In fact, based on our research agents often spend on average anywhere between 30 minutes to over 1 hour writing real estate descriptions, valuable time that could be spent nurturing clients or exploring new leads.

Real estate description generators, like ListingAI, use artificial intelligence to create listing descriptions. As a realtor, you simply input some basic information about the property into the tool, such as # of beds/bath/parking, the type of property, and any unique features of the property that you would like to highlight in the description. From there the artificial intelligence does the heavy lifting, crafting the perfect property description based on the exact details you provided.

In the list below we’ll dive into the 5 reasons you should be using a real estate listing description generator, and why this new area of PropTech is becoming one of the most important realtor tools of the trade-in 2023:

1. Create the best real estate listing descriptions

The benefit of leveraging artificial intelligence to generate property descriptions is that it can be trained to craft the best property descriptions based on current best practices and formatting. We look at thousands of property descriptions in order to make sure each, once you generate, is crafted to perfection – including creative opening and closing hooks, and organizing your property details in the most readable and grammatically accurate ways.

2. Save valuable time

When listing a property, the average agent spends anywhere between 30 minutes to over 1 hour crafting the listing description. Often the description is one of the last components of the listing that needs to be finalized before the property goes live on the MLS – and because of its tedious and time-consuming nature, can often cause a delay in listing the property on the market.

It’s important for agents as well as brokerages to think about how they’re using their time, and leverage new emerging PropTech technologies to optimize their days in order to focus on more important tasks.

3. Save money

Through our research, we found agents and brokerages often hiring professional copywriters to create listing descriptions for them. These services on average can cost anywhere between $50 to $200 per description. By leveraging artificial intelligence to generate real estate listing descriptions, top brokers and agents can see huge yearly cost savings.

4. Boost real estate SEO (search engine optimization) to drive more leads

Through experimentation with real estate aggregation platforms, we’ve found that unique property descriptions created via a real estate listing description generator, can significantly help boost real estate SEO (search engine optimization) – meaning it will help your property appear higher in Google search results. As most house searches are now starting on Google, your properties search ranking and showing up on the 1st page should be a critical component of your property marketing strategy in order to drive leads.

5. Improve readability

Property descriptions often cram a lot of information into a very small package. It takes an expert copywriter to draft the words just right so that they are readable and grammatically accurate. Readability and grammar are more important than you might think, as 45% of buyers say they’d be less inclined to tour a home if they read a poorly written property description.

ListingAI’s artificial intelligence is expertly tuned to generate property descriptions that reach high levels Flesch scores (60+) for readability and grammatical accuracy. That way you can be sure all your property descriptions are buyer friends.

Get started using a real estate description generator today – for free

Crafting the perfect property description is a critical part of the listing process, but it’s often time-consuming and tedious for most real estate agents and brokerages. But it doesn’t have to be, as new technologies and platforms like ListingAI are making this easier than ever for agents around the world.

On top of making the property description writing process as simple as a single click, saving agents both time and money, they also generate much higher-quality descriptions with improved readability and grammatical accuracy, as well as helping to boost real estate SEO.

Like any good new PropTech product, the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of the realtor and client experience. If you haven’t tried a real estate description generator, you can signup today for free. Try it out on your next listing and reap all the many benefits we laid out above!