How to Write a Real Estate Listing Description in 2023

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When a person who’s interested in buying or renting a property is browsing online real estate ads, professional photos are the reason that person clicks on the ad, but a listing description is what tells the real story of the home.

Whenever you’re going to advertise a real estate property, focusing on the property description should be one of your top priorities because if it’s not well-written, chances are that you won’t get any serious buyers. Clean and error-free real estate listing descriptions can help your home stand out from the rest of the real estate ads in your area.

Many people don’t take real estate property description very seriously, they just write a few sentences explaining the property and think that it’ll get the job done. It might work sometimes (if you’re lucky) but most of the time it doesn’t! To increase your sales and drive traffic to your real estate ads, here are 7 powerful tips that will help you learn how to write a real estate listing description.

7 Tips on How to Write a Real Estate Description

#1 Make Sure to Format Your Description

One of the most important tips on how to write a real estate listing description is formatting. If you format your listing description, your buyers will be able to easily understand your home’s appeal which separates your real estate ad from the rest.

Don’t write long descriptions of houses, make sure to keep it short and to the point so the buyer doesn’t lose interest in your ad. Keep the home description words less than 200, including your real estate ad headline. There are also other formatting tips that you should follow in order to stand out from the crowd and make more sales:

  1. Write a short and engaging headline to gain the interest of the buyer, such as; ‘Live the tranquil and serene life offered by...’, ‘The perfect home for…’, or ‘Situated in the sought-after…’.
  2. In each one of your real estate listing descriptions, make sure to list all the benefits of why the buyer should purchase this property and what benefits he/she will get from investing in it, such as; nearby school, stunning view, double garage etc.
  3. Don’t just list all the home’s main features in a single line. Get creative and use compelling language to highlight all the details and make your real estate ad special.
  4. Lastly, make sure to include a call to action at the end of your property description and invite the buyer to visit the property so they don’t miss out on this amazing home.

#2 Use SEO Keywords to Improve Ranking

Improving your website’s search ranking is as important as writing an engaging headline and description of the property. You can use various techniques to drive more traffic towards your website but the most important trick is to add ‘search-engine-optimization’ (SEO) keywords in your real estate ads to increase the likelihood of site visitors finding you via Google and other search engines. You’ve got to think like a buyer searching for a property by trying to anticipate the keyword phrases your average buyer would use.

There are a lot of keyword searching tools that you can use to search keywords for your real estate ads, such as: Google Keyword Planner,, Moz Keyword Explorer, and much more. Narrow down keywords according to your area and only use those keywords that have a high search volume.

#3 Avoid Certain Words

As certain words grab more buyers’ attention, there are also a few red flag words that you should avoid at all costs when writing your property description. These words could actually hurt your real estate listings and have a negative effect on the final selling price.

A few examples of the words that you should not include in your listing descriptions include: fixer, TLC, and cosmetic. Why? Unless you’re looking to flip a home, these words imply the house requires a lot of work. These words might not have a negative meaning but in real estate, they give potential buyers the feeling that they can bargain the price and get the house for much cheaper, or it might scare away the buyer from viewing the property.

#4 Include Local Neighbourhood Information

Whenever someone wants to buy a house or invest in a property, they surely want to know a little bit about the area and what facilities are available nearby. Are there good hospitals, schools, and restaurants nearby the house? Is there a bus stop within walking distance? How’s the view from the building? Is the neighbourhood safe? Make sure to explain all the good hyper local highlights of the location to gain the interest of the local buyers.

#5 Highlight Unique Features

Does the house have a fireplace or a master bedroom? Is the garage big enough for multiple cars? Your property description should include all the unique highlights, home brands, recent upgrades, and all energy efficiency additions. This will make the buyer think that he/she is getting a much better deal on your real estate as compared to other listings of the same price and location.

#6 Don’t Forget To Take a Second Look

Make sure to take some time to proofread and revise your listing description to remove any kind of grammar mistakes and typos. To make your property description sound professional, don’t hesitate to take a second look.

#7 Use a Real Estate Listing Description Generator to Save Time

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