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RE/MAX Real Estate Exclusive Discounts

Listing AI provides 10% off all plans to any RE/MAX agent through the platinum customer program. This program provides agents from larger brokerages with exclusive discounts and deals.

How to get the discount

Follow these 3 steps to get the RE/MAX discount:

  1. Sign up for a Listing AI account (Your email address domain name must be one of remax.com, remax.eu, remax.ca, remax.co.in)
  2. Subscribe to any of Listing AI's product offerings by following this link: https://www.listingai.co/pricing?brand=remax
  3. Get writing. You're done, it's time to let Listing AI help you create stunning marketing content for your listings!

My email isn't listed or don't have a RE/MAX email

There's always exceptions to the rule, if you don't have a RE/MAX email address or your email address isn't listed, you can still get the discount provided you can prove you're at the brokerage. Just reach out to Listing AI support at hello@listingai.co

Deal terms

  1. Discount is only available to agents with a RE/MAX email address
  2. Discount might not apply to your first month of billing, if this is the case an adjustment will occur within 30 days.
  3. Only available on Listing AI's monthly and annual plans
  4. Only available to new customers
  5. Account must have been created on or after April 1st 2024
  6. ListingAI reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time, you will be given a minimum of 60 days notice of any revisions.
  7. If your email address cannot be verified as a RE/MAX email address, you will not be eligible for the discount

What is Listing AI?

Listing AI is a real estate marketing tool that helps agents write better listing descriptions, create stunning social media posts, and generate more leads. Listing AI uses artificial intelligence to analyze your listing photos and automatically generate marketing content for your listings.